LENS TOWN A872 Pink Contact Lenses Cats eye Soft Cosmetic Idol Lens Pitchy

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Manufacturer : LENS TOWN
Dia : 14.2mm
BC : 8.6mm
Graphic Dia : 13.0mm
Weight : 42g
Period of Use : 1month after opening (2p in one pack)

Note :

30% of consumers who buy color lens tend to buy non-perscription lens.

70% of consumers buy the lens with prescription and 50% of them have different left and right sights/visions.

Almost of all online shopping malls that are selling lens do not provide specific options to consumers to pick the lens

depend on their sight so consumers have to buy each set so total 2 sets. In this case, the consumers have to pay more.

However, "KosmeShop" offers a special option to consumers this special option contains customizing.

Even though the consumers have different left and right sights, therefore,

they can buy in one-set by choosing/customizing through Kosmeshop's special option.


All color lenses sold at kosmeshop are genuine.

Sales from Korean independent stores means that we are dealing with genuine products and we are qualified

with Korean Medical Test or International (CE + IOS) certification

As people wear the lens directly on their eyes, lens with the low price and unidentified origin might result in adverse effects.

In Korea, contact lens products go through strict inspection processes.

(Currently, it is prohibited to cell lenses on-line, and only people with professional licenses can sell them in off-line stores by law.)
Therefore, these products are made with safety as top priority. Because no matter how safe and great a product is,

it cannot be safer than your own beautiful eyes you inherited from your parents.

Please check the following list before purchasing.

=> Things to check before wearing the contact lens Before using the lens, always wash your hands thoroughly and dry them.

=> Before wearing the lens, always check whether the lens is dirty or dusty, and clean it thoroughly wirh the lens cleaning solution.

=> Make sure that the lens is not filpped over before using it.

 Handling precautions

=> If you have eye disease or severe allergies to the lens, please avoid wearing it.

=> Please keep the lens in contact lens solution.

=> When using soap, shampoo, spray, cosmetics, etc.,Please make sure they do not come in contact with the lens.

=> Please wear the lens before wearing make-up.

=> Be careful not to damage the lens with your fingernail.

=> Never wear a lens that others have worn.

Normal Colored contact lens

Like the lenses sold in all countries, Korea also conducts very strict national tests and international standards when producing lenses.

Even the photographs of the models used in the product images must be reviewed before the photos can be posted on the Internet.

The color lenses we sell are very safe.

But I recommend less than 8 hours wear per day. This is based on my own experience. (For reference, I am more sensitive than others.)

Maintenance of lens is very important. If you manage it carefully, you can use it for more than 6 months after opening.

Also, for those who use a long time during the day, we recommend a silicone hydrogel lens that is better on eyes than ordinary lenses.

Silicone (hydrogel) Colored contact lens

Nowadays, the demand for using lenses has increased considerably among both men and women.

Anyone who has used a lens has something in common. That is, the eyes can become dry.

However, many people bear the discomfort for their beautiful eyes.

Therefore, we are providing information about silicone lens to our customers.

 * What is Silicone Hydrogel Lens ?

A silicone hydrogel product is a product combining

Silicone (material with high oxygen permeability to hard lens) + hydrogel (soft material like soft lens, comfortable to wear)

The lens is made of silicone and made as soft as a soft lens, combining the merits of oxygen transmission and wearing comfort.

A lens having only silicon added has a disadvantage in that the water content is lowered and cause discomfort, when the silicon content


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  • Shipping Area : Worldwide
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  • Shipping Time : 15 - 25 days
  • About Shipping :

    Delivery Notice due to COVID-19

    Dear customers,
    We are informing you regarding shipping.
    There are countries where air operations for overseas shipping have been significantly reduced or suspended due to COVID-19.
    We endeavor to provide a reasonable method for shipping by country.
    Please check the detailed shipping notice through the link.  Click Here

    * If you do not purchase according to the shipping notice of your country, your order may be canceled or shipping may be delayed.

    Please refer to this and thank you for understanding.

    If you have any question, Please send us a message. (go.kosmeshop@gmail.com)

    We will send message you after confirmation.

    We wish you well being without any damage during the coronavirus outbreak.

    - Customs and Duties
    We always declare packages as GIFT and lower value.
    We do our best to avoid this situation, but we cannot guarantee it will not get caught on customs.
    If some charges occur, it is the buyer's responsibility since it is beyond our control.

    We won't make refunds in case the parcel gets caught in the customs.
    But if the parcel comes back to our office, we will make partial refunds for the products that are undamaged.

    In case your tracking number is invalid please provide us the information via e-mail. (go.kosmeshop@gmail.com)
    We will verify the tracking number with your country's post office and reply back to you.
    But please bare in mind that the process takes about 2 weeks - 1 month.


[Return due to faulty]
If you discover the defect of product after receiving it,
you should inform us of this fact without delay within 5 days of product receipt.
And please capture the fault part and transmit it to us as a file
If there is a trace of using the product, the exchange or refund can be impossible.
Please keep in mind that, due to the nature of overseas delivery we will not make refunds on external package damage. (Damage on the box)
(You can consult with our shop about the Return shipping cost.)

[Return and exchange due to customer’s change of mind]
Please inform us within 5 days of receiving the product.
If there is a trace of using the product, the return or exchange can be impossible so you should return the product to us as it is.
Buyer is responsible for return or exchange shipping costs.
When returning your item, it has to be in the original condition as it was sent out (New, unworn and unused condition)
* Refund amount not included the shipping cost.

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