Brand : LENS TOWN MONSTA X  Trendy
Manufacturer : Lens Town
Dia : 14.2mm
BC : 8.7mm
Graphic Dia : 13.0mm
Weight : 42g
Period of Use : 1 months (2Pcs in one pack)

Note :
*2pcs of lenses with same optical power are in 1 pack.
If you have different eyeglass prescriptions for each eye, please order 1 pack each for your eye.
If not, not necessary to order for each eye.

He is a member and main vocal of the 7-member idol group Monsta X of Korea.
He is the main vocal of Monsta X, which has been acknowledged by senior singers

with excellent singing skills since his debut. As part of the Survival Program NO.MERCY,

he released his single, "Pillow," with SoYou and Giriboy and got the 1st place in music chart.
Right before his debut, he released ‘Attracted woman’ OST of drama Orange Marmalade with main rapper Jooheon.
He has a good vocal ability, which is quite different from other vocal members in the team with a certain level of stability,

and had the second most singing part in their debut song after Jooheon who had the chorus part.
His vocal volume is big and his style is clear and refreshing which everyone likes.
His pitch and interval is stable and his high notes are also very neat.
Therefore, he is evaluated as a singer that doesn’t sound like a rookie thanks to his voice. His company is also giving a lot of support.
As of August 17 2017, he took on the female role at Monsta X-Ray 2, and his girl looks surprisingly suits him.