Crush Daisy Women's Socks W-L-236

Size (Free One Size)
US: 5-9
EUR: 36-40
UK: 2.5-6.5
Asian: 220mm-260mm
Brand : ggorangnae company
Material : combed cotton 75% spandex 18% polyester 6% polyurethane 1%
Country of manufacture : Made in Korea


- These crazy & wild colors will make you feel at home wherever you go and brighten up your day along the way.
You will have fun staring your day choosing which one to wear! Each pair has its unique and different colors on it!
- A mix of bright prints makes these socks flirty and fun. Womens wool socks are great gifts for women, mom, grandma, wife,
sister, girlfriend, etc. They can easily follow your daily collocation.


What kind of socks will you wear when you go out today? For some people, today's routine can be very ordinary.
But socks can give enjoyment and help make today different from yesterday. It could be something special for some people.
This is why we should strive, for socks to change the pleasure of your day.

The socks brand we are pursuing is responsible for managing the entire process from MADE IN KOREA and the original company to design,
manufacture and delivery, and always making efforts to make good quality socks.
We make socks using top-of-the-line Cotton for good touch and natural sweat absorption,
and we use various kinds of yarn and color researches every season to express our own individuality.
We're researching and developing, working together to make sure that young designers with great senses and
experts with long experience in socks can work together to create the best synergy to achieve both "trend" and "quality."