CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch


- As we get older, wrinkle management is more difficult. However, we can solve this.
With a magic eye patch, you can manage everything from nasolabial wrinkles to eye wrinkles.
Even without a charger, you can get skin care wherever you are with your smartphone.
It's a magic eye patch that has been very popular in Korea as it recently appeared in the drama tvn Boyfriend (drama name) broadcasted in Korea.
It is a global item in Korean duty-free shops and overseas shasha (Hong Kong) stores.

- effect of LED for clear and elastic skin!
Blood circulation + cell recovery + cell activation
The effect is exerted beyond the outer skin to the dermis, which promotes the production of Collagen and Elastin and suppresses wrinkles, helping to maintain skin elasticity.
It also has excellent benefits for skin regeneration, whitening reducing blemishes and acne treatment.

- Thelight from twenty red Led(600~660nm)
wavelengths that are most suitable for the skin reach down to the dermis, promoting elastin and
collagen production to reduce wrinkles, and help skin elasticity and regeneration.

CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch Outline  
1. LED Magic Eye Patch(LED LIGHT 20ea)
2. LED controller(8-miunte autotimer function)
3. Power(control) cable 5-pin gender (For Android) , 8-pin gender(For iPhone)

How to Use CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch
STEP 1 : Remove makeupand treat your skin with your basic skin care routine (toner,ampoule)
STEP 2 : Remove the protective films from the eye patch, change the shape of the eye patch to it your face type, and place it under your eyes or on
tour laugh lines.
STEP 3 : Connect the device to a mobile phone and press the controller button.
STEP 4 : Once the LEDs turn off, the device will automatically power off.(Standard setting : 8 minutes)
* Use 8-24 minutes a day, at least three times a week to double wrinkle-treating and skin firming effects.
* Use cosmetics after use of the LED Eye Patch for better adhesive power thnks to the opened pores.

Product Use
- Stop using immediately if skin rashes or other abnormalities occur during use.
- lt is recommended that the product be used 8 to 24 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week in the beginning, before gadually increasing the number of uses.
- Shorten usage time at the beginning for sensitive skin.
- Consult with a drmatologist before use if you are receiving dermatological treatment or if have skin disorders.

Skin Allergy Test
- You may continue use if no abnormalities show after 20 minutes of use.

Product Specifications
Model : CLMEP - 100
Power Supply : DC3.3V, 100 mA
Material : ABS, non-toxic sillcone, PVC
Size/Weight : 13cm x 85cm x 10cm /18g
product Composition : LED Eye Patch, controller, 5-pin gender (For Android) , 8-pin gender(For iPhone), C Type gender, manual
Manufacturer : B&K Korea Co.,Ltd, *Sales : Daeyeon Company
Country of Manufacture : South Korea
CB Photobiological Safety Certification : CB2018-00416
KS Safety Certification : R-R-cLA-CLMEP-100