Brand introduction
inspring Victorious lifestyle eyewear
V: SUN was born in 2013 with an inspiration for a victorious life.The logo of the wing of the V: SUN symbolizes the wing of the flying Albatross.
All products of V:SUN are aimed at highest quality through homemade work. 
V:SUN is a high quality eyewear brand that maximizes product satisfaction through
various carefully selected processes from material selection to production with strict quality control. relentless pursuit of perfection

V: SUN Model No. DIGNITY-04 (49)

Manufacturer: V: SUN (korea)
Country of Origin: China (OEM production)

Overall Length: 145mm
Width: 49mm
Lens height: 45mm
Bridge: 23mm
Leg length: 143mm
Weight: 23g

[Material: Titanium acetate]

Titanium is heat-resistant, light and biocompatible, so it has a low allergic reaction and is widely used in medicine.

[Plating: IP Plating]

unlike normal plating, passes through plasma in the ion state, and is plated with high energy, and has high durability because of its high adhesion to plating. It is used for luxurious quality watches and accessories since it is not easily change / peel off.

* Some products are demo lenses (What is demo lenses? lenses made of plastic material that are made to give shape to glasses)may be shipped in sunglasses. This is a product that can be used as glasses and sunglasses by replacing the power of lenses to suit the eyes of the customer. (It is also available to use it as general sunglasses.) *


Is the product genuine?
All products sold are 100% genuine. Especially, brand products of other countries, not from Korea, such as Italy, are imported, and they passed the customs of Korea.

[Components and Shipping Method]
Product + Case + Cleaner (Will be shipped as a case to fit the model.) / free shipping with tracking number.

[Warranty Notice]
* If you need to repair within one year after receiving the product, please let us know first by email. Please send us the product. We will ship the product back to you (free shipping) after the repair free of charge.

 (You must send us your Warranty Card) *
1) Eyewear is available in frame format and no separate parts are produced or supplied.
2) Parts may have to be replaced entirely or parts of the new product must be removed or replaced, in this case with additional cost. 
3) If eyewear itself is defective in warranty period, we will pay shipping and repair costs in full.

[Handling Precautions]
1) During storage, the lens and frame of eyewear may be deformed due to high temperature. Please be careful not to put it in a car or near fire in hot summer.
2) Eyewear is vulnerable to salt, chemicals, sweat, cosmetics, etc., which causes peeling of coating or discoloration. Please wash with neutral detergent (alkaline detergent not allowed) and dry it in the clear water on the same day. (Please remove the water that goes into the gap such as the hinge.)
3) If the frame is deformed, it can be adjusted again (Fitting) through opticians. A / S requests for breakage after any variation (direct fitting) may be charged for a fee.