CARVEN, an haute couture house set up in 1945, by Carmen de Tommaso.

It launched its distinguished designs for young petite women which use of lightweight fabrics such as lace and pink gingham. Carven has created a large number of works.
In 1950s, Carven publicized the launch of its first perfum and scarf which lasted until now. 

In 1960s to 1970s, Carven designed uniforms for the Olympic team and several airlines.

Furthermore it launched menswear in 1968.

Then Carven, an haute couture house, reinterpreted in a flexible way and created new story of the brand by new art director who previously worked in Givency.

Carven provides reasonable price and french sensibility with designs of simple elegant and feminine chic

which originated from the brand Carven in Italy, Belgium, US, Japan, Hongkong as well as France.

CARVEN Eyewear

CARVEN EYEWEAR was launched in 2014 at Korea with original brand identity of CARVEN.
Carven Eyewear presents luxurious, stylish products with classic and unique design plus fine details.

Design, Delicate details, Higher quality provide comforting, luxurious experience to customers anytime, anywhere.

CARVEN Flo col.4 White

Brand : CARVEN




50 . 21 . 145 mm








CARVEN products offer a warranty card.
The warranty period is 6 months from the date of purchase.
Defective product under warranty provides after-sales service.
Repair for a fee, even if the warranty period following.

- Damage due to rough handling
- If the past is the warranty period
- Damage caused intentionally or negligently consumers.